Stofwisseltour (Metabolic Tour) 2022

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Number of participants: 206 (167 cyclists + 39 walkers)
Revenue: € 95,309

In 2021, partly due to the Corona measures that applied to it, the Stof Wisseltour will be organized for the first time from 1 location in the center of the country and as a one-day event. The reactions of all participating teams were very positive and that is why we have decided to organize a one-day Metabolism Tour in 2022 as well.
2022 was the year in which even more metabolic patient associations and fundraising foundations joined the Stofwisseltour (Metabolism Tour).

The Stofwisseltour started early in the morning at 7:30 AM with a commemoration of all children who died of a metabolic disease. After reading a poem, all participants could write down on a ribbon the name of a child or adult for whom they participated in the Metabolism Tour. All ribbons were hung at the start/finish.

The first participants left at 8 am for their Stofwisseltour A total of 167 cyclists participated in 14 teams. The participants themselves determined whether they cycled 1, 2, 3 or all 4 cycling stages as a team or individually. Each stage started and ended at the same location at Farm de Weistaar. For the participants and teams, the breaks are also the moments to catch up and meet each other. The new participants also ensured that they received the metabolism ribbon, the 'stamp' after each stage, and attached it to their Metabolism doll. With lunch, the participants and supervisors could again enjoy a delicious extensive buffet.

In 2022 we also organized a walking event for the first time, organized by Daniella and Esther from Energy4Finn. We have only received positive reactions from the 39 walkers, a new sport branch of the Stof Wisseltour has been born! We traditionally concluded the Stof Wisseltour with a delicious buffet, for which more than 130 participants had registered!