250 participants, we celebrate with 50 extra tickets

17 March 2023 16:59

Wilyande has registered today as the 250th participant! What a milestone and celebration. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and trust in the Dust Exchange Tour. ❤️

To celebrate this and also to give others the chance to participate, we called Farm de Weistaar to ask if a few extra people could join. That's allowed! We can sell an additional 50 tickets. After that the farm is really full. So send everyone who has not yet registered the link to your team page and make sure they register before April 1. FULL = FULL and that's no joke 😜

REMEMBER everyone must register: walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers and supervisors. Then we can keep you all in mind from the kitchen. 🥐

Registration on the day itself is not possible due to the permit.